Sustainable Organic Farming


                                         Small, Smart and Scientific


Sun dried rice with CEO Toshiko,  President  Takahisa
Sun dried rice with CEO Toshiko, President Takahisa

  In the western part of kobe, blessed with a  mild climate, we grow 30 several kinds of popular vegetables and rice throughout the year.

How fun it is to raise vegetables 

we love to eat ! 

Do you know 3 magical key words to pursue sustainable organic farming?

That is small, smart and scientific.

We got JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) license which certificates organic cultivation(not using chemical fertilizer, herbicide, or pesticide) in 2008.

If you would like to try our vegetables, why don't you stop by these stores below.


Sorry home delivery service is not available.



                              Stores you can buy our produce.                   



Kobe   Sannomiya     SOGO B1   the vegetable corner 

          Seishincyuo    SOGO 1F   Pantry

          Mikage           Organic One ( Mikage Classe )

Ashiya                     Organic Plaza

Himeji                     Organic Garden ( piole HIMEJI B1 )



Tennoji                   Mercato Piccolo    Abenoharukasu

Yodoyabashi           Mercato Piccolo   Odona bld.1F


Semba                    Mercato Piccolo    Sakaisuji minamisemba